The Different Types of Poker

There are a variety of different poker games that you can play and its important to know the differences of each so that you can play the one that best suits you. By playing the different variations of poker, you can start to develop your own strategy and this will also give you a lot of experience with no money involved.

Here are some of the different versions of poker that you can play:

Texas Hold’em:

This is the main game that you will find in casinos and online and the most common form of poker. The players bet with their cards and with each card they receive, they must make a decision whether to bet or not. This decision is called the “call”. There are many variations to this game such as Omaha Hi, Omaha Hold’em, Texas Hold’em and the more rare Poker Omaha. For example in Texas Hold’em, the players can chose to play the two available cards, which are dealt face up and the player can also choose to play the three community cards dealt face up. In Omaha Hold’em, the player must play two cards face down and the player must choose whether to play the three community cards face up.

Omaha 8 or better:

Players can make four splitting decisions in Omaha 8 or better. The player must decide to split the four cards in the middle, which is eight-eight or better. If the player chooses to split the cards, he now has 2 options. He can pay to keep both the original hand and the 2nd or third hand. This is called the “double down” option. For example, the original hand is 5-5-8-J. The player may choose to double down and pay the five-card poker hands odds. The player will have to pay the house or about thirty percent of the pot on the original hand. For example, the player bets $10, the dealer is the player’s opponent, and the dealer has Q-J-9 as the dealer’s hand. The player has to pay $10 to the house, $5 to the dealer, and $2 to the dealer’s hand. The $2 poker hand is the best hand and the house is the second best hand. If the player beats the dealer on the $2 poker hand, the player will win $3. For instance, if the player beats the dealer on the $2 hand, the player will win $14, $10, $6, $3 and $1. Therefore, the house is only paying $3 for the straight. If the player loses on the $2 poker hand, he loses $1.

Crazy Pineapple Poker:

Crazy Pineapple Poker is an odd form of poker in that the game is played in rounds, not according to a prearranged formula. Rather, the players must use their own formula to determine what hand to play. This game offers more action than other versions of poker and for that reason it is popular among poker players who like a more “out there” game. In this game, the players are dealt four cards, face down, and one card that they can look at, usually the up-card of the dealer. The dealer then deals a second round of cards to the players and the dealer also must decide whether or not to hit on the second round. Hit indicates that the dealer should stick with the hand and not draw. However, if the dealer misses a turn, the player can decide to hit as well, a process called “timing the MPO500“.

This decision is actually a good thing for the player. Not hitting on the round that the dealer would normally hit on (this is called “hitting too late”), allows the player to recover for hitting on the next round. Double down, another common term used in Crazy Pineapple Poker, means the player would double the bet, and then be given one more card to play. If the dealt hand is better than the player’s second card, the player would receive another card, but not additional to his current hand. Finally, because the hand is not completed until all of the cards have been dealt, a player can decide to surrender, forfeiting half of his bet.

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