Winning Poker Online – How to Beat the Odds

I was talking with a friend yesterday – one that doesn’t play poker – and I asked him how he does it. His opinion was, you have to go against the odds to win in Dewabet. My friend – who was straight across playing – had no idea how to go about beating the odds in a poker game. And, I quote him back – you have to be precise when you play against the odds.

“It’s easy,” my friend said. “When I have aces, kings, queens, jacks and tens I bet and I go all-in.”

When my friend has pocket twos he says, “Give me a queen and I’ll win half the pot.” Same when he has tens. When he has aces, he says, “Hey, you saw my two aces, you can’t lose.”

As easy as it is to see why this makes money, the reality is that these moves are completely wrong. Say the odds are nine to nine, you are beaten by a better straight; six to six. You can’t do anything on the turn or the river the same as you did on the flop or the turn. Because of the odds, in a limit game, you should fold. With no limit, though, you can move all-in or call any amount – until you have beat the odds, not the other players.

But I heard a lot of beginners saying, “You have to play pocket sixes hard.” If you don’t, you are being paid twice what you wagered – once when you make a pre-flop raise and once when you get a call. (One example of a hand that starts with two suited cards and goes for a flush.)

Beginnersdude: Yes, I want your money. Give it to me – today!

Being suited is a big disadvantage for your opponents. While suited cards increase the chances of you getting a better hand, your opponents are more likely to have a better hand.

For example: Suppose the cutoff raises to $800. You fold. The next player, you know, has $3,500. This player is a good player. You know he won’t make a deposit, because he will have a good hand. Yet, in this scenario, if you had called the $1,500 bet when you had suited cards, you would’ve lost only $1,000 instead of $3,500. That’s money in your pocket you never earned.

Another example: Suppose the cutoff raises to $1,000. You call. The next player, you know, has $4,000. This player is a good player. You know he won’t make a deposit, because he will have a good hand. Yet, in this scenario, if you had folded, you would’ve lost $4,000 instead of $1,000. That’s money in your pocket you never earned.

You can also steal the blinds. The lights go out in a tournament. It’s that simple. It doesn’t matter if you have suited cards when the cutoff raises to $800. You don’t fold. If you call the $800 bet, and the next hand you face an all-in bet from the cut off, you will have no choice but to call.

You can do this in position or you can do this any time. If you are in position and no one has raised the pot for you, raise the blinds. If you are in position and no one has raised the blinds, raise the blinds.

You can steal the blinds for smallish amounts, say $50-$100, before the flop. Since you are a relatively tight player, having something like $800 in the chip stack is worth having a 350 chip stack, until you hit a monster hand. (This doesn’t work if you have a raise after the button, since then you would have to call a large raise, which you will rarely do.)

There is more to this strategy, which I describe in my book. But for the purposes of this tutorial, lets say you win a hand or lose a hand. For each hand you want to be in the hand, you either play a better hand or fold. If you fold, you don’t lose anything. If you played the hand like an amateur, you would lose about $200.

The other strategy is to call the raise, and then if you hit a monster hand, raise the blinds. If you lost, you would still win $200. This is what would happen in the real world, except that the professional gamblers sometime call the shots and manipulate the odds.

How to Use an Odds Calculator to Win More Money at Online Poker

Do you know that you can use an odds calculator to win more money at online poker? I wish you the best of luck in winning at online poker, but the odds are against you.

In order to be successful in poker, you should use a poker odds calculator to calculate the odds of you winning the hand. You should also be able to figure out your chances of winning based on the hand you are holding. These two are dependable sources of information that can help you make the right decisions.

Most poker calculators are pre- formulated, which means there are no data in it. You are only dependent on the program, which is good if it is reputed. You should be cautious in selecting a program because it may be rigged or contain some data that is not useful.

If you are not sure if it’s a good odds calculator, then you can be sure from the program that it is using. The program that you use should be user friendly and easy to use. Also, it should offer the same odds calculation, advices and tutorials like what you see in an odds calculator.

You should be aware of the fact that poker is not all about the hand you are holding, but also the odds you are given. The more you understand this, the more you can utilize the tools to your advantage and increase your chances of winning more money at online poker.

Make sure to choose an odds calculator that is not yet flooded with users, and try to choose one with a good reputation. Also, some poker calculators can be complicated to figure out, so if you run across any help you are willing to request, make sure that the program is really helpful. Before choosing a poker odds calculator, you should ensure that you are comfortable with using it.

Back up your wary approach with a MPO777, such as an odds calculator, every time you play online poker. With an odds calculator, you can avail the calculation of odds at a click of a button. You can also learn how to read players’ odds of winning a particular hand. The program can be set up to update the information on pot odds and other critical information based on the current game.

It is a good idea to use a pokerace, especially if you are new to playing online poker, because it will help you to focus on the game instead of conce multi-tasking with your monitor. You can also play multiple games at a time if you desire. The good thing about this product is it’s small to just about on your average computer monitor.

Most of the poker calculators available in the market are not especially designed for players who play more than one table at a time. The software programs have to optimize their design for the layout of the poker window and should be quite simple to use by beginners. There are some excelently designed softwares which are specially designed for multi-tabling. Most of the successful players use such softwares.

In order to choose the best poker calculator, you need to add all of these elements together and you should do some back ground research on reviews about the products, and about the companies themselves.

Remember, you can never win if you don’t know how to play, and the same goes for poker. Once you master a game, the cheating won’t hurt you much. You’ll just have more knowledge about how to win at poker.

Good luck in your play!