Improve Your Online Poker Game

Poker is a game of many different skills and quite a few of those depend on your software. An important skill to master is your card counting. Card counting is important because the house can’t win if you have perfect information and you always want to have more than you card count. There are a few tips to remember with card counting and playing. When playing poker you should always bet the table minimum. Never turn down an extra penny when you are betting. You should always split your aces. Never split ten-eight suited, but also not great with aces. Splitting your cards when you have a pair is a common mistake with novice poker players. You want to push all of your cards in the middle unless when you have ace-king or less while the blinds are getting low. These are some of the basic guidelines with counting cards.

Another card counting skill is faster. You should be able to beat a dealer’s card counter in about 6 hands if the cards are ordinary. About 12 hands is likely but less than 24 hands is possible. When you can beat the card counter in about 6 hands, you are probably ready to move to higher limits. After you have gotten used to the speed of counting cards, you can go to casinos that offer no limit games. In no limit games, you should try to increase your bankroll to a comfortable level.

Always turn your cards face up when sitting at the table. This is a common mistake with beginners. They think that showing the cards makes you notice your cards, but it doesn’t. You are just providing another player with another card. The other players can get a glance at the cards without meaning to do so. However, if you are playing with intermediaries and you want to make quick money, don’t show your cards. Players like to see what cards you have and they will be betting the river after seeing your face.

Here are two important notes to remember when counting cards:

Counting High Cards – All cards 2-6 are worth more than any other card (except 5’s, which are worth the same).

Counting Low Cards – All cards 1-10 are worth less than any other card.

Here are two tips to remember:

  1. Don’t count cards from late positions unless you are counting 7’s or 8’s since these cards are worth more than any other card.
  2. If you have an ace, an ace, an ace, an ace, an ace, an ace, a 4,5,6, 7 or 8 and an ace, put these cards at the bottom of your card count. This means you will be less likely to get an ace (and more likely to get a low card) if you can’t get a 7, 8, 9 or 10.

Online Dewalive is the most profitable game since the dealer doesn’t have to hit on 16, 17, and higher. If you play basic strategy correctly and add the rules of card counting, you will be putting the odds in your favor. You can play blackjack for free; blackjack games online have the worst house edge.

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