How to Play Sit and Go Poker Tournaments – 3 Easy Tips

About two years ago a poker professional told me that the easiest money in poker lies at the sit and go tables. He was more correct than I first thought, there is so much easy money sitting at those sit and go tournament tables that it is almost ridiculous. Here I will tell you a few tips on how you can start cashing in playing sit and go Bola88.

  • The first thing you need to do is to develop a sit and go bankroll. What that means is that you need to create a bankroll that is not going to drain your bank account. Do not make the mistake of depositing all your money at one time or use the money that you have set aside for paying your bills. Develop a bankroll and make sure that you stick with it, at least until you earn enough to do so yourself.
  • With that bankroll, you need to make two opposite sized bets. You need to make the first bet smaller than the size of the pot, and you also need to make the last bet bigger than the size of the pot. Your bets should be placed opposite the bets that the blinds are making. Your bets are for less money than the blinds are, therefore they have a smaller value.
  • Your work should be done by the end of the first round. Do not worry about making a move because there are enough chips lying around. If you are dealt a good hand, be aggressive. Bet and raise frequently and you will not be traced. If you get played with, do not worry, you have plenty of time because the tournament will be over soon enough.
  • Currently there are two variants of sit and go tournament strategy. You can play tight or you can play aggressive. You may have heard the saying that tight money in a tight game, and aggressive money in a loose game. If you want to succeed in a sit and go tournament, you want to approach it the same way. Perhaps the lazy one would be better off playing aggressive. If the acrylic table breaks or the table at the bar breaks, there is not a whole lot you can do. However, if you just go ahead and bet aggressively, you will not have a lot of trouble getting the money in the pot.
  • At this point you will have some information about your opponent, at least based on previous hand activity. With this information you can decide whether your opponent is going to be in for a long tournament. If they are just taking a shot at the big double up here, you probably want to stay in the hand. If they are playing a solid game, this can be a good opportunity to take down a small pot. The last thing you want to do with amateur players is gamble against them because you will never know if you can beat them.

If you want to make it a bit of money with poker, sit and go tournaments are a good way to do so. Playing against the other players that you pick up along the way, you will start to notice a pattern of betting. Once you understand what type of player you are up against, you can take advantage of that pattern and win a large pot.

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