How to Get a Poker Chip Case

This is probably one of the most asked questions I get from people when they visit my website. Sure you can get together with your buddies to play poker several times a week, but is that really the best use for your money? Sure, it works but isn’t it better to take your poker supplies to a tournament or to your friend’s house on a regular basis?

First of all I started playing Vodka138 several years ago when I was a guy that would go to the casino with my friends and play some poker. We’d all sit around and play and eventually one of my friends would get a real good poker set. He’d have a nice little chip case full of chips, and we’d go to the casino and play blackjack. It was a lot of fun and we could always pretend we were professional card merchants.

After we went to the casino a few times and won enough money to take a trip out of there we started playing Texas Holdem. Before we played that game we would bet with friends, which made it a little more exciting, but afterwards it was just like we were playing with our own chips. Being that we were all professionals in our own little leagues it was very easy to lose a lot of money.

So we started searching for Lowe’s Chips earlier than anyone else. After we bought the 200 Plasticzer Pro Playing Cards and cases we started holding little league get togethers every weekend. First of all we tried getting the cards together smaller so each player had a little at least. That got kind of old after awhile and it kind of became this thing where everyone kind of had their own little league.

After a while we tried getting plastic poker chips where the case was perfect for them. That’s when we started looking at different types. Then we went to the Internet to purchase ourselves some card decks. We ended up purchasing two different type decks that are made out of plastic and clay.

Here’s the kicker, we got them in red, white, and blue. We’ve had enough decks in Vegas and it made our decks look a little plain. We actually ended up getting a little teasers on the cards. Tell the story here by clicking the appropriate link.

We’ve been using these cards now for several years and the amazing thing is people actually still don’t want them. It’s funny because we get offers all the time for new cards, but people just say no to them. It’s funny, but after being grumpy for a while, everyone goes to the next one.

So if you decide you want a little custom card deck, we wouldn’t blame you for going out and getting yourself one. We would say though that if you have a friend or family member that already has a collection of poker chips, you might want to look at thinking about getting a little of that memorabilia. Get a poker chip case and throw away your old cards.

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