The card counting Blackjack exploit is one of the most common methods of playing Blackjack, either online or at a land-based casino. However, for those who wish to learn how to card count in real life, there is a different technique that can be used. Create a chart of your favorite running count, and memorize the values as they come out, making small “chips” as you play each hand. You should make your first few “chips” around the money or the cards in your stack, not each other. This technique is a simple one, but if you start it early, you will find it more effective.

Practicing this technique will allow you to get a feel of the game and develop an instinct for knowing the time to make chips and therefore when to warrant a bigger bet. This talent will serve you well in the latter stages as chips are coveted and none are produced from the discard pile.

Tips to Cheat Blackjack

Cheating is not an easy task, neither is it interesting. When I say this, I actually mean that the game is not rigged as such, but you can win bycustomary methods that make the game less statistically likely to end in you winning. Those methods arezer0ed.

Your first bet will indicate what level the bet is on. The highest bet you can place is the level s/he is playing at, the lowest is the penny level. At any level, you should bet more than your Background probability score would allow. This is particularly true for newcomers. If you are playing at a $1, s/he cannot bet less than one dollar on the dollar level.

Because the bet is high, the payoff is less, so you may be better off playing at a lower level if you are playing longer. At the $5, level 3 or 4, you should bet more, but not as much as the lower levels. Win higher if you can (although you will probably lose at the same level of play), and as always, lower your bet if you are hot and win a little at a higher level.

If the casino is hot, and you are winning, you should usually bet higher levels. The casino is 29% to 40% hotter, and the up-cards (cards dealt off the top of the deck) are more likely to be 4s, 5s, and 6s. Therefore, with a better ratio of low cards to high cards, you are more likely to beat the casino. My rule of thumb is that you should double your money if you find yourself winning 50% of the time, and lose 2/3 of it.

If you are losing, and the casino is not hot, you should consider waiting a little bit before betting a big buck. It’s not that you can’t win in the short-term, but you have to be a little more patient in the beginning to be sure you are getting the most out of your money.

A friend and mentor taught me another way of getting a lot more out of his money than other players. I have to say, he is a gambler, but not in the traditional sense. What he teaches is that you can get a lot more out of your money by betting on hands and situations that you are more likely to win.

For instance, if you are waiting for aces, you should always bet a little more than the minimum. You might be surprised to find your level of play improving dramatically just by tightening up on a single deck of cards.

I modestly suggest you start out with multi-deck play, and then build up to higher level blinds. When you get to the point where you are winning about 60% of your hands, you may want to step up to a higher level. That’s how I improved my level of play beyond what everyone else around me was doing.

Be patient and tenacious. Things will not go your way every time. However, if you stick with it and concentrate on your cards and the hands you are playing, you will beat a lot of the casinos and win a lot of money.

You can’t control falling short, but you can always catch up. Don’t quit.